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Distance Learning for K-12

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Our Mission is to provide a caring environment
of high expectations, individualized attention, and great teaching via a distance learning delivery system that is sufficiently adaptable to help K-12 students in traditional and non-traditional educational settings achieve their maximum academic potential and life goals.
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Enrollment for Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning Spring Semester is now open. We are accepting full and part-time students. Spring Semester starts January 4th, but students can start ANY TIME. Complete the enrollment form by clicking here to reserve your place in class.
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Why Choose Sequoia Choice Distance Learning?

Sequoia Choice is deemed by the Arizona Department of Education as the highest-rated, non-alternative distance learning school in the state.

Sequoia Choice is deemed by the Arizona Department of Education as the highest-rated, non-alternative distance learning school in the state.

At Sequoia Choice, our certified and highly qualified teachers design and build the curriculum they teach using College and Career Ready Standards and best practice for both online and distance learning.

Our family-centered approach embraces the uniqueness of each student making learning manageable for children and their parents.

Students work closely with faculty to reach their personal and academic goals utilizing many of our options such as extended school year, early college credit, and credit recovery.

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Home Based Learning

Home Based Learning

Sequoia Choice — Arizona Distance Learning (AZDL) provides tuition-free, home-based, technology-assisted education to children in grades K-12. Highly qualified and certified teachers offer a flexible learning environment to suit each student's academic needs and individual style of learning.

Our motto, "every child is individually known," reflects our desire to help each child gain a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

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Academic Center Learning

Academic Center Learning

Sequoia Choice embraces the "blended learning" concept at all of our study sites across the state. Students enjoy the benefit of technology integrated with on-site teaching, tutoring, and activities. Each student has access to a computer every day in each classroom. Instructors visit with students in person or online through cutting-edge conferencing technology.

We know that students need strong technology skills in any career that they will pursue. We continue to research and implement new technologies to help enhance students' overall learning experience and to prepare them for the future.

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Home Based Learning

Early College Credit

High school students can participate in our Early College Credit program, full-time or part-time. You don't even have to leave your current school!

Students attend local community colleges (even online through Rio Salado!), and Sequoia Choice covers the cost. The college courses result in college credit and high school credit at the same time!

Enrolled students apply for the Early College Credit program through their Sequoia Choice Advisor or Academic Coach.

For more information, please talk to your school advisor or call our guidance counselor at 480-461-3222.

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Home Based Learning

Credit Recovery

Through Sequoia Choice Credit Recovery courses, students can make-up graduation credit, that they might have missed in a previous class. Students don't even need to leave their current school! Since Credit Recovery students probably already have "seat time" in the subject, they can move quickly through a Sequoia Choice Credit Recovery course, focusing on earning credit based on competency in the subject.

After spending a short time in a Credit Recovery course, a student can qualify to take a challenge exam to receive credit instantly in the subject. Alternatively, the student can finish the balance of the coursework for credit, moving very quickly if desired.

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Student Work Gallery

Culinary Arts Final Project
Culinary Arts Final Project
An Educational Venture
Credit Card Brochure
Alphabet and Acrostic Poems

Culinary Arts Final Project

Dalton T. :

The final project for our Introduction to Culinary Arts class involves cooking a well-balanced meal and analyzing its nutritional content. Students submit pictures of their raw ingredients, chopped/prepared ingredients, and the final completed meal.


Student Highlights

Jett and Jager
Mikaela and Emily
Katlynn and Savannah

CLICK HERE to read the stories of several of our students and alumni who have gone on to great things.

Sequoia Choice's Outstanding Graduating Class of 2014!

Sequoia Choice GraduatesOur 2014 graduating class from Sequoia Choice - Arizona Distance Learning is a great example of the strides distance-learning students can make given the right tools. Though the class consisted of only 60 students, their accomplishments would be notable even at far larger schools.

Over 80% of our graduates participated in Sequoia Choice's Early College Credit program. This means each of these students took at least one college course while still in high school. In fact, the vast majority of our ECC students took a year or more of college courses through this ground-breaking program, all of which were free to the students and counted toward their high school graduation requirements. Six of our 2014 graduates will have earned their Associates degrees before entering college in the fall. That's almost 14% of the class!

At the top of the graduating class are our three valedictorians, each with a perfect GPA. All three participated extensively in the college program, in addition to extracurricular activities, such as Phi Theta Kappa, service, theater, music, and dance.

Two of our graduates are National Merit Scholars. Both of these scholars opted to attend ASU and received the richest scholarship ASU offers. National Merit Scholars account for less than 0.5% of all high school graduates in the United States. For a school our size to have two of these outstanding students is remarkable.

Our graduates participated in theater, music, service, work, and other programs. They were members of various volunteer, civic, and religious organizations. Our students have been accepted to a variety of in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities. All in all, Sequoia Choice's class of 2014 shows that distance-learning students are by no means ordinary. They're extraordinary!

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